About Us

FVW&F was established in 1999, starting out in a small shop in Port Coquitlam manufacturing a wide variety of small custom steel projects, from custom turn key trailers with electric brakes, fully installed flatdecks, snowmobile decks, hitches, portable light weight buildings and playground sets.

Since 2004 FVW&F has been supplying and installing structural & architectural steel, for small to medium sized projects ranging from municipal water pump stations, to industrial, commercial, and also residential buildings.

We specialize in retrofitting and seismic reinforcing of existing structures. Our reputation is “If it can’t be done, FVW&F can do it!” and do it right.

Our proven track record for quality manufacturing and delivering on schedule has given us a repetitive customer base.

We are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau under W47.1 division 2 and retain an engineer for our diversified fabrication and welding procedures.

Our 13,000 square foot facility, fully equipped installation trucks, and our efficient and highly skilled team of journeyman fabricators, welders, and erectors are sure to deliver your project on time, and maintain the highest standards in construction.