Fraser Valley Welding, provides services for all new structural and architectural projects, as well as retrofitting & seismic reinforcing of existing structures.

Project quotations with on site assessment
A representative will visit the location of the project, make a full site assessment of the property and/or structure. When required we provide onsite logistics and crane assessments as well.


Field dimensioning
Prior to any installation project, we visit the site and field dimension all footing locations and connection points, in elevation, and also in plan. Our measuring equipment is some of the best equipment available to us today, and allows us to provide accuracy beyond the industry standard.

About Us

FVW was established in 1999, starting out in a small shop in Port Coquitlam manufacturing a wide variety of small custom steel projects, from custom turn key trailers with electric brakes, fully installed flatdecks, snowmobile decks, hitches, portable light weight buildings and playground sets.

Since 2004 FVW  has been supplying and installing structural & architectural steel, for small to medium sized projects ranging from municipal water pump stations, to industrial, commercial, and also residential buildings.

We specialize in retrofitting and seismic reinforcing of existing structures. Our reputation is “If it can’t be done, FVW can do it!” and do it right.